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Boosted Agile Loper (6th Level)

Construct Construct 10
N Large Construct
Init +5; Senses Darkvision 60', Low-Light Vision; Listen +0, Spot +0

AC 25 (+1 Dex, -1 Size, +15 Natural); Touch 10, Flat-Footed 24; Mobility
hp 85 (10 HD); DR 10/Magic
Immune Construct Traits
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +3
Speed 70 ft.
Melee 3 Slams +17 (1d8+11)
Space/Reach 10-ft x 10-ft/10-ft.
Base Atk +9; Grp +22

Abilities Str 33, Dex 13, Con --, Int --, Wis 11, Cha 10
SQ Celerity (Ex): A creature with this ability has a base land speed 10 feet faster than normal.
Extra Attack: (Granted by the Boost Construct feat)
Feats Mobility
Skills Listen +0, Spot +0

CR 7

Encounter Treasure

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Race keywords: Agile Loper, Astral Construct, Construct
Class keywords:
Sourcebooks: Complete Psionic, Expanded Psionics Handbook

— Contributed by Guild Lieutenant Guildmaster


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