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Consort of Chronepsis

Female Elite Great Wyrm Time Dragon Cleric of Chronepsis 1/Dispassionate Watcher of Chronepsis 12
N Colossal+ Dragon
Init +8; Senses Blindsense 60 ft., Darkvision 120 ft., Keen Low-light Vision; Listen +154, Spot +154
Auras Calming Aura 360 ft. (DC 102), Slow Aura 120 ft.
Languages Common, Draconic

AC 102 (-8 Size, +99 natural, +1 dodge), touch 3, flat-footed 101
hp 4398 (112 HD); DR 20/--
Immune Paralysis, Sleep and Slow effects; SR 99
Fort +93, Ref +56, Will +97
Speed 100, fly 380 (poor)
Melee Bite +153 (6d6+42) and 2 Claws +153 (4d8+21) and 2 Wings +153 (4d6+21) and Tail Slap (4d8+63)
Space/Reach 40 ft./30 ft. (bite 40 ft.)
Base Atk +108; Grp +168
Atk Options Power Attack
Special Actions Breath Weapons, Crush, Stunning Rebuke, Tail Sweep, Time Control, Turn Undead 37/day
Spells prepared (Casts spells as a 49th level cleric)
18th (DC 67; 7/day) -- DM's choice
17th (DC 66; 7/day) -- DM's choice
16th (DC 65; 7/day) -- DM's choice
15th (DC 64; 8/day) -- DM's choice
14th (DC 63; 8/day) -- DM's choice
13th (DC 62; 8/day) -- DM's choice
12th (DC 61; 8/day) -- DM's choice
11th (DC 60; 9/day) -- DM's choice
10th (DC 59; 9/day) -- DM's choice
9th (DC 58; 12+1/day) -- DM's choice
8th (DC 57; 12+1/day) -- DM's choice
7th (DC 56; 13+1/day) -- DM's choice
6th (DC 55; 13+1/day) -- DM's choice
5th (DC 54; 14+1/day) -- DM's choice
4th (DC 53; 14+1/day) -- DM's choice
3rd (DC 52; 15+1/day) -- DM's choice
2nd (DC 51; 15+1/day) -- DM's choice
1st (DC 50; 15+1/day) -- DM's choice
0 (DC 49; 6/day) -- DM's choice
Spell-Like Abilities 3/day -- Slow, Vision; At Will -- Analyze Dweomer, Comprehend Languages, Time Stop (1 round between uses), Tongues

Abilities Str 94, Dex 10, Con 76, Int 79, Wis 88, Cha 79
SQ Calming Aura, Clearsight, Discern Lies, Time Apotheosis, Time Mastery
Feats Adroit Flyby Attack, Blind-fight, Cleave, Dire Charge, Divine Metamagic (heighten), Divine Metamagic (improved heighten), Divine Metamagic (quicken), Draconic Knowledge, Epic Weapon Focus (bite), Epic Weapon Focus (claw), Epic Weapon Focus (tail slap), Epic Weapon Focus (wing), Flyby Attack, Great Cleave, Heighten Breath, Heighten Spell, Hover, Improved Heighten Spell, Improved Initiative, Improved Maneuverability, Improved Multiattack, Improved Snatch, Improved Spell Capacity (9), Improved Sunder, Large and in Charge, Multiattack, Power Attack, Power Climb, Quicken Breath, Quicken Spell, Rend, Shape Breath, Snatch, Superior Initiative, Tail Constrict, Weapon Focus (bite), Weapon Focus (claw), Weapon Focus (tail slap), Weapon Focus (wing), Wingover
Skills Appraise +91, Balance +57, Bluff +149, Climb +99, Concentration +148, Craft (alchemy) +91, Decipher Script +91, Diplomacy +149, Disable Device +91, Disguise +91, Escape Artist +115, Forgery +91, Gather Information +91, Handle Animal +91, Heal +96, Hide +57, Intimidate +149, Jump +99, Knowledge (all) +149, Listen +154, Move Silently +57, Open Lock +57, Perform (sing) +91, Ride +57, Search +149, Sense Motive +154, Sleight of Hand +57, Spellcraft +91, Spot +154, Survival +96, Swim +99, Tumble +57, Use Magic Device +149, Use Rope +57
Alternate Form: A time dragon can assume any animal or humanoid form of Medium size or smaller as a standard action three times per day.
Calming Aura: Any creature within the aura's radius and who fail a Will save are affected as though by a calm emotions spell that lasts as long as the dispassionate watcher does not attack.
Crush: 6d6+63; Ref DC 101 avoids
Clearsight: This ability functions as a true seeing spell, except that it extends to creatures within 30 feet and it also foils mundane disguises.
Discern Lies: This ability functions as a discern lies spell, except that it works continuously and applies to any creature the dragon can perceive.
Dragon and Knowledge Domains: Casts divinations spells at +1 caster level
Draconic Surge 2/day: A time dragon can, as a swift action, gain a standard action by borrowing time from the future.
Ravaging Time Breath Weapon: 160 ft. line; 12 Constitution damage; Fort DC 101 for half
Slow Aura 10 round per day: As a free action, a time dragon may activate this ability. Creatures within the aura's radius are affected as though by a slow spell (no save).
Stunning Rebuke (DC 56): This ability affects one creature within 100 feet. If the target fails a Will save, it is stunned for 1d4+1 rounds. This is a sonic effect, but is not language-dependant.
Tail Sweep: 4d6+63; Ref DC 101 half
Time Apotheosis: A time dragon is immune to any spell or effect with a duration greater than instantaneous cast on it by another creature, as well as effects that can affect it over time or that require the passage of time. Additionally, a time dragon rolls 2d20 for each d20 roll it makes and takes the better of the two results.
Time Expulsion Breath Weapon: 80 ft. cone; 12 rounds; Will DC 101 negates
Time Mastery: A time dragon acts as if under the continuous effects of a haste spell.

CR 100

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Race keywords: Dragon, Time, Time Dragon
Class keywords: Cleric, Cleric (Chronepsis), Dispassionate Watcher of Chronepsis
Sourcebooks: Draconomicon, Dragon Magazine: 359, Epic Level Handbook, Player's Handbook

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