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Lorn Longfingers

Male Halfling ghost Rogue 10
CG Small Undead (incorporeal)
Init +9; Senses low-light vision; Listen +13, Spot +13
Languages Common, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling

AC 27, touch 25, flat-footed 22 (5 armor, 5 Dex, 1 size, 6 deflection)
hp 60 (10 HD)
Fort +9, Ref +17, Will +8 imp evasion, +3 vs traps, turn resistance +4

Speed Fly 30-ft (perfect)
Melee unarmed strike +7 (1d2 nonlethal)
Base Atk +7; Grp +3
Atk Options sneak attack +5d6
Def Options improved uncanny dodge
Special Actions frightful moan, telekinesis

Abilities Str 8, Dex 20, Con —, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 22
SQ horrific appearance, manifestation, rejuvenation, trapfinding
Feats Dodge, Improved Initiative, Mobility, Spring Attack
Skills Balance +18, Bluff +19, Open Lock +17, Sense Motive +19, Sleight of Hand +18, Spot +13, Swim +12, Tumble +18, Use Magic Device +15, Listen +13
Possessions +3 leather armor, cloak of resistance +5, gloves of Dexterity +6
Frightful Moan, Horrific Appearance, Telekinesis, Rejuvination Horrific Appearance Fort DC: 21 (1d4 str and con) Range:60
Telekinesis +13 12d6
Frightful Moan (Su): A ghost can emit a frightful moan as a standard action. All living creatures within a 30-foot spread must succeed on a DC 21 Will save or become panicked for 2d4 rounds. This is a sonic necromantic mind-affecting fear effect. A creature that successfully saves against the moan cannot be affected by the same ghost’s moan for 24 hours.
Horrific Appearance (Su): Any living creature within 60 feet that views a ghost must succeed on a DC 21 Fortitude save or immediately take 1d4 points of Strength damage, 1d4 points of Dexterity damage, and 1d4 points of Constitution damage. A creature that successfully saves against this effect cannot be affected by the same ghost’s horrific appearance for 24 hours.
Manifestation (Su): Every ghost has this ability. A ghost dwells on the Ethereal Plane and, as an ethereal creature, it cannot affect or be affected by anything in the material world. When a ghost manifests, it partly enters the Material Plane and becomes visible but incorporeal on the Material Plane. A manifested ghost can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, magic weapons, or spells, with a 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source. A manifested ghost can pass through solid objects at will, and its own attacks pass through armor. A manifested ghost always moves silently. A manifested ghost can strike with its touch attack or with a ghost touch weapon. A manifested ghost remains partially on the Ethereal Plane, where is it not incorporeal. A manifested ghost can be attacked by opponents on either the Material Plane or the Ethereal Plane. The ghost’s incorporeality helps protect it from foes on the Material Plane, but not from foes on the Ethereal Plane.
A ghost has two home planes, the Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane. It is not considered extraplanar when on either of these planes.
Rejuvenation (Su): In most cases, it’s difficult to destroy a ghost through simple combat: The "destroyed" spirit will often restore itself in 2d4 days. Even the most powerful spells are usually only temporary solutions. A ghost that would otherwise be destroyed returns to its old haunts with a successful level check (1d20 + 10) against DC 16. As a rule, the only way to get rid of a ghost for sure is to determine the reason for its existence and set right whatever prevents it from resting in peace. The exact means varies with each spirit and may require a good deal of research.
Telekinesis (Su): A ghost can use telekinesis as a standard action (caster level 12th). When a ghost uses this power, it must wait 1d4 rounds before using it again.

CR 12

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Race keywords: Ghost, Ghost, Halfling, Halfling, Halfling, Ghost
Class keywords: Rogue
Sourcebooks: System Reference Document

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