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Advanced (8HD) Half-Vampire Half-Farspawn Ettercap

CE Large Abberation
Init +7; Senses Low-Light Vision, Blindsight 60-ft; Listen +6, Spot +6

AC 20 (-1 Size, +4 Dex, +7 Natural), Touch 13, Flat-Footed 16
hp 98 (8 HD); Fast Healing 1, DR 10/Silver or Magic
Immune Poison; SR 18
Resist Resist Electricity and Acid 10, Resist Cold 5
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +6
Speed 30-ft, Climb 30-ft
Melee Bite +7 (1d8+5 plus poison) and 2 Claws +4 (1d6+2) and 2 Tentacles +2 (1d6+2)
Space/Reach 10-ft x 10-ft
Base Atk +2; Grp +5
Special Actions Change Shape, Web, Charm Gaze
Spell-Like Abilities 1/day -- Stinking Cloud (DC 12), Touch of Idiocy (DC 11), True Strike
3/day -- Blink, Blur 3x day (DC 11)

Abilities Str 20, Dex 19, Con 19, Int 6, Wis 19, Cha 12
Feats Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Multiattack
Skills Climb +10, Craft (Trap Making) +4, Hide +11, Listen +6, Spot +6
Poison (EX): Injury, Fortitude DC 15, Initial damage 1d6 Dex, Secondary damage 2d6 Dex. The Save DC is Con based and includes a +2 racial bonus.

Web (Ex): An ettercap can throw a web eight times per day. This is similar to an attack with a net but has a maximum range of 50 feet, with a range increment of 10 feet, and is effective against targets of up to Large size. The web anchors the target in place, allowing no movement.

An entangled creature can escape with a DC 18 Escape Artist check or burst the web with a DC 22 Strength check. The check DCs are Constitution-based, and the Strength check DC includes a +4 racial bonus. The web has 6 hit points, hardness 0, and takes double damage from fire.

Ettercaps can also create sheets of sticky webbing from 5 to 60 feet square. They usually position these to snare flying creatures but can also try to trap prey on the ground. Approaching creatures must succeed on a DC 20 Spot check to notice a web, or they stumble into it and become trapped as though by a successful web attack. Attempts to escape or burst the webbing receive a +5 bonus if the trapped creature has something to walk on or grab while pulling free. Each 5-foot-square section has 6 hit points, hardness 0, and takes double damage from fire.

An ettercap can move across its own sheet web at its climb speed and can determine the exact location of any creature touching the web.

Charm Gaze (Su): Some half-vampires can charm humanoid or monsterous humanoid opponents just by looking into their eyes. This is similar to a gaze attack, except that the half-vampire must use a standard action, and those merely looking at the half-vampire are not affected. Anyone the half-vampire targets must make a successful will save (DC:12) or fall under the half-vampire's influence as though affected by a charm monster spell. Any creature that successfully saves against a half-vampire;s charm gaze is immune for 24 hours. This ability has a range of 30-ft.

Change Shape (Su): As a standard action, a half-farspawn can take the form of a grotesque, tentacled mass. This ability functions as described for the change shape ability (MM page 306) except as follows:
-Movement modes do not change
-Lose all attacks except tentacles; gain two more tentacle attacks when making full attack
-Become amorphous. It cannot be flanked, and is not subject to extra damage from critical hits.
-Creatures native to the prime material plane take a -1 moral penalty on attack rolls against a half-farspawn in its amorphous form.

True Strike (Su): Once per day a half-farspawn can make a normal attack with a +20 insight bonus on a sigle attack roll. The half-farspawn is not affected by the miss chance that applies to attacks against a concealed target.

Height 9-ft 12-inch; Weight 200 lbs.; Hair None; Skin Pale, slimy; Age 25;

CR 7

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Sourcebooks: Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness, Monster Manual

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