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Anatria: Gypsy, dancer, and the best dang fighter in scalemail and a skirt.

Female Human Fighter 8
CG Medium Humaniod (human)
Init +3; Senses Listen +1, Spot +1
Languages Common, Elven

AC 20 (+6 (+2 mithral scale mail), +3 dex, +1 natural (amulet of natural armor +1), Touch 13, Flat-footed 17
hp 88 (8 HD)
Fort +9, Ref +7, Will +5
Speed 40
Melee 2 +1 Warfans
Attack bonus +15/+10 (+13/+8 When two-weapon fighting), Damage 1d6+7 (1d6+5 with off hand)

Critical= x3
Base Atk +8; Grp +12
Atk Options On the first round, as long as she fights with her warfans, she can make a bluff check against an opponent's sense motive. If she succedes, her opponent is considered flat-footed to her for her first round's action. She basicly fools them into thinking that her fans are harmless. Hehe.

Special Actions Improved feint: She feints as a move action.
Combat gear 2 +1 warfans (light weapons)

Abilities Str 18, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 16
Feats Combat expertise, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (warfan), Greater Weapon Focus(warfan), Improved feint, Improved two weapon fighting, Skill Focus(bluff), Two Weapon fighting, Weapon Specialization(warfan), Weapon focus(warfan)
Skills Bluff +17, Diplomacy +7, Handle Animal +13, Intimidate +5, Jump +9, Listen +1, Perform (dance) +6, Ride +15, Sense Motive +6, Spot +1
Possessions combat gear plus +2 Mithral Scalemail
2 +1 warfans
Boots of Striding and Jumping
Cloak of Resistance +2
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
1 Everburning torch
10 trail rations

One female Hippogriff named Windstar that Amatria trained from the egg. She is trained for war.
One exotic military saddle for Windstar. The stats are identical for a hippogriff in the Monster Manual.

Height 5'5; Weight 115 lbs.; Hair Dark red brown; Skin Light tan; Eyes Blue; Age 20; Patron Deity Hlal,

CR 8

Encounter Treasure

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Race keywords: Human
Class keywords: Fighter
Sourcebooks: Arms and Equipment Guide, Draconomicon

— Contributed by Guild Lieutenant Guildmaster


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