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Choker Assassin

Male Choker Adept 2
CE Small aberration
Init +6; Senses Darkvision 60-ft; Listen +3, Spot +3
Languages Undercommon

AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 13
hp 25 (5 HD)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +7
Speed 20-ft, climb 10-ft
Melee 2 tentacles +7 melee (1d3+3)
Space/Reach 5-ft/10-ft
Base Atk +3; Grp +6
Atk Options improved grab, constrict 1d3+3, quickness
Combat gear wand of obscuring mist (10 charges), potion of hide from animals, potion of mage armor, potion of sanctuary, thunderstone
Spells prepared (CL 2nd)
1 (DC 12) - burning hands, cure light wounds
0 (DC 11) - cure minor wounds, ghost sound, touch of fatigue

Abilities Str 16, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 4, Wis 13, Cha 7
SQ summon familiar (cave iguana named Ovus), quickness
Feats Alertness, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Stealthy
Skills Climb +16, Concentration +3, Hide +10, Listen +3, Move Silently +6, Spot +3, Survival +3
Possessions combat gear plus combat gear, elixir of vision, jar of millipedes, rakshasa puppet (35 gp), snow globe (15 gp), red slaad skull candle holder with everburning candle (120 gp)

Hair None; Skin Dusky;

CR 3

Encounter Treasure

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Race keywords: Choker
Class keywords: Adept
Sourcebooks: Dungeon Magazine: 134, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual

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