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Emerald Dragon Dragon Shaman

Mature adult emerald dragon Dragon Shaman 2
LE Huge Dragon (Air)
Init +4; Senses blindsight 210 ft., darkvision 700 ft., keen senses; Listen +31, Spot +31
Auras draconic aura +1, frightful presence (210 ft. radius, DC 28)
Languages Common, Draconic, Infernal

AC 31 (-2 size, +0 Dex, +23 natural), touch 8, flat-footed 31
hp 328 (26 HD); DR 10/magic
Immune paralysis and sleep effects, sonic; SR 23
Resist fire 30
Fort +23, Ref +14, Will +21
Speed 40 ft. (8 squares), fly 150 ft. (poor), burrow 5 ft., swim 60 ft.
Melee bite +34 (2d8+11) or
2 claws +32 (2d6+5) or
2 wings +32 (1d8+5) or
tail slap +32 (2d6+16)
Space/Reach 15-ft/10-ft (15-ft w/bite)
Base Atk +25; Grp +41
Atk Options Hover, Power Attack
Special Actions breath weapon, crush (Ref DC 28 half, 2d8+16)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 9th):
At will - legend lore (or psionic object reading)
3/day - fog cloud, greater invisibility
Power Points 103
Powers Known (ML 13th):
5th (DC 22) - adapt body, psionic true seeing
4th (DC 21) - correspond, detect remote viewing, empathic feedback, wall of ectoplasm
3rd (DC 20) - body adjustment, energy burst, escape detection, mental barrier
2nd (DC 19) - clairvoyant sense, ego whip, feat leech, psionic identify
1st (DC 18) - defensive precognition, destiny dissonance, force screen, inertial armor, offensive precognition

Abilities Str 33, Dex 10, Con 23, Int 24, Wis 18, Cha 22
SQ Draconic adaptation (water breathing), planar travel, totem dragon (green)
Feats Ability Focus (breath weapon), Extend Power, Hover, Improved Initiative, Maximize Power, Multiattack, Power Attack, Practised Manifester/Spellcaster, Recover Breath, Skill Focus (Bluff)B
Skills Bluff +27, Concentration +33, Craft (trapmaking) +34, Diplomacy +35, Gather Information +33, Knowledge (arcana) +29, Knowledge (nature) +19, Knowledge (psionics) +36, Listen +31, Psicraft +34 (+36 involving power stones), Search +34, Sense Motive +31, Spot +31, Survival +31 (+33 when following tracks)
Breath Weapon (Su): 50-ft. cone of sonic energy, 14d6 damage, Reflex DC 30 half. In addition to making a Reflex save for half damage, each creature within the cone must also succeed at a Fortitude save (same DC) or be deafened for 1d4+7 rounds. DC Cha-based.
Draconic Aura (Su): Three known: energy shield, power, and vigor. See Player’s Handbook II (page 13) for more.
Planar Travel (Su): Gem dragons have the innate ability to pass instantly between the Material Plane and the Inner Planes, where they often make their homes.

CR 17

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Race keywords: Dragon, Dragon, Emerald, Emerald Dragon
Class keywords: Dragon Shaman
Sourcebooks: Complete Psionic, Draconomicon, Monster Manual II, Player's Handbook II

— Contributed by ericthecleric


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