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Botho the Dwarven Warrior

Male Dwarf Warrior 5
NE Medium Humanoid
Init +1; Senses Listen -1, Spot -1
Languages Common, Dwarven

AC 11(+1 dex)
hp 36 (5 HD)
Fort +6, Ref +2, Will 0
Speed 20 ft
Melee Mwk Dwarven Waraxe +8 (1d10+3/x3) or
Mwk Dagger +8 (1d4+3/19-20 x2)
Ranged Mwk Dagger +6 (1d4+3/19-20 x2)
Base Atk +0; Grp +0
Combat gear Dwarven Waraxe (Masterwork) Dagger (Masterwork)

Abilities Str15, Dex13, Con14, Int13, Wis8, Cha10
Feats Alertness, Power Attack
Skills Craft (Armorsmithing) +2, Craft (Blacksmithing) +2, Craft (Bowmaking) +4, Craft (Stonemasonry) +2, Craft (Trapmaking) +2, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +2, Hide +1, Jump +11, Knowledge (Religion) +1.5, Listen -1, Move Silently +1, Spot -1
Possessions combat gear plus Backpack, Bedroll, 10 torches, Flint and Steel, 10 Traveling Outfits, 2 exploring outfits

Height 4' 2; Weight 163 lbs.; Hair Dark Brown; Skin Tan; Eyes Brown; Age 60;

CR 4

Encounter Treasure

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Race keywords: Dwarf
Class keywords: Warrior
Sourcebooks: Dungeon Master's Guide, Player's Handbook

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