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Benign Encounters


  1. A magician (prestidigitation) starts up an impromptu show
  2. A manager loudly fires a staff member in front of patrons
  3. A PC finds a bug in their food.
  4. Beggar comes in and gets violently thrown out.
  5. Half-Orc (or other member of a racial group) gets told, 'We don't take kindly to your type.'
  6. Kitchen catches fire.
  7. Someone is trying to talk loudly to be heard over the music when the music abrubtly stops.
  8. The patron at the next table leans back in his chair too far and falls over.
  9. Two local merchants or craftsmen overheard conducting a mundane transaction
  10. Waiter flirts with a PC


  1. A (possibly poorly-secured) rope suddenly comes loose.
  2. A female crewmember finds she is inexplicably pregnant. If you want to take this cliche to it's conclusion, she starts showing after a few days, and delivers in a few weeks.
  3. Blood in the water. (recent mass feed)
  4. General flotsam floats by a bit at a time. (Planking, spars, swamped boats plus the above. Signs of a ship that sank.)
  5. Iceberg noticed at at an unusual lattitude
  6. Log drivers seen taking their haul downriver
  7. Navigation charts and equipment are lost causing the crew to navigate by more primitive methods
  8. One of the fishing nets catches a 'message in a bottle'.
  9. One of the fishing nets catches something valuable floating in the water.
  10. Someone becomes seasick, possibly for the first time


  1. Beaver pond/dam
  2. Cloud of insects moves across path
  3. Dark storm cloud approaches
  4. Feral cat trails the party
  5. Large patch of brightly colored mushrooms
  6. Old ring sticks out of the dirt
  7. Puddle/nearly dry watering hole
  8. Remnants of old campfire
  9. Sweet smell of honeysuckle
  10. Tree falls in the distance

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