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From Dungeon #133: The Mobius Scrolls by Matthew Goodall
Sorcerer-Wizard (CL 4)
  • fog cloud (Sorcerer-Wizard 2; Player's Handbook, System Reference Document)
  • protection from arrows (Sorcerer-Wizard 2; Player's Handbook, System Reference Document)
  • touch of idiocy (Sorcerer-Wizard 2; Player's Handbook, System Reference Document)
Paper: Stiff silk, flattened
Writing & Ornamentation: Spidery handwriting in blue ink;
On Activation: Unravels, with each thread vanishing before it hits the ground
Sorcerer-Wizard (CL 8)
Paper: Soft vellum, rolled up; dusty exterior
Writing & Ornamentation: Glowing green sloppy handwriting in black ink;
On Activation: Shrinks away to nothingness
Druid (CL 14)
Paper: Rough singed exotic parchment, flattened; yellowed exterior
Writing & Ornamentation: Elegant handwriting in black ink; platinum-gilt edges
On Activation: Scroll's text turns to blood and drips from the page

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