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Aberration akata
Aberration elan
Aberration emkrah
Aberration havero
Aberration sinspawn
Aberration sinspawn, envyspawn
Aberration sinspawn, lustspawn
Animal dire rat
Animal rat
Animal rat swarm
Construct akaruzug
Construct carrion golem
Construct cutlass spider
Construct golem, brass
Construct golem, clay
Construct golem, flesh
Construct golem, iron
Construct golem, stone
Construct homunculus
Construct lawgiver
Construct shield guardian
Construct skull ripper
Construct soulbound doll
Construct tophet
Fey redcap
Giant half-giant
Humanoid half-elf
Humanoid human
Humanoid human wererat
Humanoid xeph
Magical Beast peryton
Magical Beast star monarch
Magical Beast tarrasque
Magical Beast Xotani the Firebleeder
Monstrous Humanoid doppelganger
Monstrous Humanoid dromite
Monstrous Humanoid gargoyle
Monstrous Humanoid lamia matriarch
Monstrous Humanoid mothman
Monstrous Humanoid thri-kreen
Monstrous Humanoid witchwyrd
Outsider aasimar
Outsider beatific one
Outsider demon, omox
Outsider denizen of Leng
Outsider lyrakien
Outsider Menotherian
Outsider night monarch
Outsider petitoner
Outsider Thais
Outsider tiefling
Outsider wendigo
Outsider yethazmari
Plant moonflower
Undead acid shadow
Undead allip
Undead banshee
Undead blast shadow
Undead bonestorm
Undead carrionstorm
Undead danse macabre
Undead deathweb
Undead devourer
Undead dread wraith
Undead ghast
Undead ghost
Undead ghoul
Undead lich
Undead mohrg
Undead mummy
Undead revenant
Undead shadow
Undead skeleton
Undead totenmaske
Undead vampire
Undead vampire spawn
Undead void zombie
Undead wight
Undead wraith

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