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Aberration ettercap
Animal ape
Animal badger
Animal black bear
Animal boar
Animal brown bear
Animal crocotta
Animal dire ape
Animal dire badger
Animal dire bear
Animal dire boar
Animal dire tiger
Animal dire wolf
Animal giant gecko
Animal goblin dog
Animal hawk
Animal leopard
Animal lizard
Animal monkey
Animal owl
Animal raven
Animal tiger
Animal wolf
Animal wolverine
Dragon forest drake
Dragon pseudodragon
Fey dryad
Fey nymph
Fey satyr
Giant giant, taiga
Humanoid elf
Humanoid elf, wild
Humanoid elf, wood
Humanoid gnome, forest
Humanoid human werebear
Humanoid human wereboar
Humanoid human weretiger
Humanoid human werewolf
Humanoid kobold
Magical Beast aranea
Magical Beast digester
Magical Beast ercinee
Magical Beast giant owl
Magical Beast girallon
Magical Beast krenshar
Magical Beast leucrotta
Magical Beast owlbear
Magical Beast pegasus
Magical Beast razor boar
Magical Beast spider eater
Magical Beast unicorn
Magical Beast winter wolf
Monstrous Humanoid centaur
Monstrous Humanoid yuan-ti, abomination
Monstrous Humanoid yuan-ti, halfblood
Monstrous Humanoid yuan-ti, pureblood
Outsider couatl
Plant mandragora
Plant tendriculos
Plant treant
Undead kobold zombie
Undead rajput ambari
Undead smoke haunt
Undead witchfire
Undead wolf skeleton
Vermin dream spider
Vermin giant wasp
Vermin spider swarm

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