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Aberration athach
Aberration beholder
Aberration beholder, gauth
Aberration naga, dark
Animal auroch
Animal Belkzen puma
Animal cindersnake
Animal crocotta
Animal dire weasel
Animal jerboa
Animal mountain goat
Animal storm roc
Animal weasel
Dragon azi, zahhak
Dragon wyvern
Giant ettin
Giant giant, hill
Giant ogre
Giant ogre mage
Humanoid gnome
Humanoid half-orc
Humanoid halfling, deep
Humanoid hobgoblin
Humanoid orc
Magical Beast behir
Magical Beast bulette
Magical Beast chimera
Magical Beast chupacabra
Magical Beast displacer beast
Magical Beast griffon
Magical Beast hadhayosh
Magical Beast hippogriff
Magical Beast leucrotta
Magical Beast phase spider
Magical Beast red reaver
Magical Beast siren
Magical Beast winged chupacabra
Monstrous Humanoid scorpionfolk
Outsider nephilim
Undead ogre zombie
Undead wyvern zombie

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