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Aberration aboleth
Aberration carrion crawler
Aberration choker
Aberration cloaker
Aberration delver
Aberration destrachan
Aberration drider
Aberration ethereal filcher
Aberration fungal crawler
Aberration fungal flyer
Aberration ghonhatine
Aberration gibbering mouther
Aberration goblin snake
Aberration grick
Aberration gug
Aberration gug savant
Aberration irnakurse
Aberration mimic
Aberration mind flayer
Aberration otyugh
Aberration phasm
Aberration rust monster
Aberration skum
Aberration umber hulk
Animal goblin dog
Humanoid dwarf, deep
Humanoid dwarf, mountain
Humanoid elf, drow
Humanoid svirfneblin
Humanoid troglodyte
Magical Beast darklands sentinel
Magical Beast darkmantle
Magical Beast deep crow
Magical Beast purple worm
Magical Beast roper
Monstrous Humanoid derro
Monstrous Humanoid grimlock
Monstrous Humanoid minotaur
Plant shrieker
Undead spectre
Undead zombie

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