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Aberration aboleth
Aberration chuul
Aberration get of Iblis
Aberration naga, water
Aberration reefclaw
Aberration skum
Animal dire shark
Animal giant octopus
Animal giant squid
Animal manta ray
Animal octopus
Animal shark (Huge)
Animal shark (Large)
Animal squid
Dragon dragon turtle
Fey miengu
Giant ogre, merrow
Giant troll, scrag
Humanoid elf, aquatic
Humanoid locathah
Humanoid merfolk
Magical Beast devilfish
Magical Beast devilfish, gutaki
Magical Beast kraken
Monstrous Humanoid charda
Monstrous Humanoid charda blacktongue
Monstrous Humanoid hag, sea
Monstrous Humanoid kapoacinth
Monstrous Humanoid kuo-toa
Monstrous Humanoid sahuagin
Monstrous Humanoid sahuagin, malenti
Outsider demon, omox
Outsider div, ghawwas

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